Monday, 3 February 2014

Certificate Of Excellence received for manufacturing Kurtosh Kalack in South Africa

Introducing the World famous Hungarian Kurtosh Kalack in South Africa

Certificate Of Excellence received for manufacturing Kurtosh Kalack in South Africa
 We are an Official Trade Corporation Member of the EU.
Chim Chimney Chimney Cakes South Africa has just been welcome to the elite club of the kurtosh kalach manufacturers! Our registration number is 20 and can be checked at the "Manufacturers" page of site. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Good day

We have just had a trial run in Pringle Bay. (Tru Cape Windgat festival) I will post some photos of this event.

Our gas oven is close to being completed and I will post photos of this early next week.
This oven looks amazing and is manufactured from stainless steel.

We will then be ready to except orders for production on the full range of ovens and stands
we have manufactured.

Watch this space for a new unique braai for Sosaties. (South African meat on a stick product)

Our biltong drier ( Dried Meat/ Jerky) should be ready for production in a few weeks.

Keep watching this space for updates and photos.

Chat soon.






Monday, 8 July 2013

Kurtos kalatas , chimney cake , skoorsteen koek - Cape Town

We will be posting photos from every event we do.  We have built a charcoal/wood braai (barbeque)that we will use for the very big events. This Braai (barbeque) ensures the authentic Hungarian taste of kurtos kalaks (chimney cake). This is the way it has been made for 100's of years. We have built a gas oven for smaller events and for our unique South African products we will be introducing shortly. At most events we would probable use both ovens.

Your taste buds will be excited by our new combinations of savoury cheese and boerewors / cheese griller. 

Below is a photo of our charcoal braai. (Back view)

Here are some photos of our equipment we have manufactured. Stainless steel counter with a solid rosewood top.

2 x stands for our stainless steel rolling pins

explanation and origins of chimney cakes.

We are extremely proud of our logo and branding.


Watch this space for our next event date and Location. The developement and building phase is now complete. We will be launching

Chim Chimney chimney cakes to the public in Cape Town and surrounds in the next few weeks.

We have manufactured all the equipment needed to prepare chimney cakes in the traditional way locally. Our next few weeks will consist of training and perfecting our recipe's. We will be making both sweet and savoury chimney cakes and have added some unique South African products to the range.

Contact details:-

Chimney cake or skoorsteen koek  as we have named them in Afrikaans is new to South Africa. We look forward to catering at your event, country fair , festival or farmers market. Please contact us if you are hosting a festival or event and would like us to come. Provided we are not booked already
we look forward to serving your customers. We will be updating the location for our next event on a weekly basis. This way you can experience this unique product and know where we will be to experience this unique taste sensation over and over again.

What is Chimney Cake?

It is a traditional Hungarian Transylvanian pastry dish which can be either Sweet or Savoury, cooked in a unique way for hundreds of years. Its origins come from Transylvania, a historical region in present day Romania.  It is also famous as Hungary's oldest pastry where it is also know as Kürtos Kalács. 

It has a crispy crust while inside the dough is fluffy and soft and can be topped with an ingredient of your choice like Chocolate, Coconut, Almonds & Walnuts, Cinnamon, Hundreds and Thousands, Cheese & olive oil.  In addition to the traditional Hungarian favourites, we have added a true South African twist – try our Cheese and Biltong, or Cheese, Biltong and Cheese Griller/boerewors to experience South African flavour Chimney Cake!