Monday, 8 July 2013

Kurtos kalatas , chimney cake , skoorsteen koek - Cape Town

We will be posting photos from every event we do.  We have built a charcoal/wood braai (barbeque)that we will use for the very big events. This Braai (barbeque) ensures the authentic Hungarian taste of kurtos kalaks (chimney cake). This is the way it has been made for 100's of years. We have built a gas oven for smaller events and for our unique South African products we will be introducing shortly. At most events we would probable use both ovens.

Your taste buds will be excited by our new combinations of savoury cheese and boerewors / cheese griller. 

Below is a photo of our charcoal braai. (Back view)

Here are some photos of our equipment we have manufactured. Stainless steel counter with a solid rosewood top.

2 x stands for our stainless steel rolling pins

explanation and origins of chimney cakes.

We are extremely proud of our logo and branding.


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